Hello! I'm Cassie. I'm so glad you are here! 

I’m a mom to two wonderful (and slightly crazy) kids, and a wife to my husband of 5 years. In high school you could catch me at Color Guard practice or in the computer room working on the Yearbook or school newspaper. After high school I went to Columbia College in Chicago and earned my degree in Photography. Not long after graduating my hubby and I got married and picked up and moved to the West Coast. We are now back living in the good ol' Midwest after years away from family. 

Photography has been part of my life for a long time. I still have disposable cameras from my childhood I have yet to develop! For the young’uns that aren't sure what those are, back in the "old" days you took your photos on a camera with film in them and then had to take them to a store to get them developed, which was usually months (or in my case years) later. It wasn't until going to college for photography that I knew I wanted to capture real people's real moments. So often life moves so fast that we forget to slow down and pause. Booking a photography session is a way to intentionally slow down and capture those moments, so that years down the road we can look back at what life was like "back then."


These are a few of my favorite things:

Coffee and lots of it, fall time (the pumpkins, the colors, the cooler weather, the clothes!!), musicals, dancing around the house like a crazy person with my littles, going for walks, spending evenings with friends and family, playing games (board games, card games, strategy games, pretty much anything!), and meeting with people at local coffee shops!